C’est un jeu d’enfant

It was a cool summer afternoon Cologne, Germany. Unfortunately, I did not posses a camera, so I grabbed my friend’s cellphone and went to stadium. I was gonna witness Ukraine advanced to the next round on the 2006’s FIFA World Cup when I took this picture.

I think it represents the spirit of the game, but I was disappointed with the result. So I just loaded my trusty Photoshop and voila!

But it does took a heavy work of photoshopping to turn this:

Swiss Before

into this:

C’est un jeu d’enfant

Not bad, eh?

3 Balasan ke C’est un jeu d’enfant

  1. mridwana mengatakan:

    Boleh..boleh juga…tapi itu siapa yang elo foto? Kurus amet…pasti bukan gw ^^ (apalagi indra n elo ^^)

  2. elzafir mengatakan:

    cuma anak gak jelas, yg bawa bendera swiss, pake baju ronaldinho, dan berkebangsaan belanda!!!

  3. mridwana mengatakan:

    hooo anak itu mengalami krisis identitas diri toh ^^

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