MOVIE REVIEW: Hostel: Part II (2007)

Hostel: Part II

Rating Star

Hostel 2There are four things that made the original Hostel a modern gore legend: Gruesome scenes, unexpected twists and revelations, the infamous yellow eye-ooze and nude chicks.

Meanwhile, the sequel has none of them. Well, except the nude part. This movie does feature a bare big-breasted woman in an orgasmic trance basking with a special good-for-the-skin blood treat, juiced from an also naked girl hanged upside-down. Unless that particular one minute scene can entice you to squander five bucks on a movie ticket (which you probably should, it’s a quite awesome minute), you better off waiting for Hostel Part 3. At least the waiting will bring some thrill.

Apart from the nude scene, virtually all were carbon copy of the first. Only this time instead of three boys, it was three girls. And instead of a man, it’s a female nude-art model that sells them the trip.

This movie certainly doesn’t feature a brain-bending psychological thriller like the ones in the Saw franchise. What was Eli Roth thinking to put his Hostel fame on a stake with a scene with a senseless flesh eating old man? (Now where did I know that before?)

However, there was a cool circumcision-gone-awry scene that’s a must-see, should you decided to watch this movie. This is scene alone worth that one star.

But now probably Jigsaw will get to you.


Released on June 8, 2007

Directed by Eli Roth

Starring: Lauren German, Bijou Phillips, Heather Matarazzo, Jay Hernandez, Roger Bart

7 Responses to MOVIE REVIEW: Hostel: Part II (2007)

  1. Nurrakhman berkata:

    payah nih reviewnya bahasa inggris, indo dong
    jangan copy paste doank

  2. elzafir berkata:

    haha lu blajar ngapa bhs inggris…
    ini kan ripiu gua tulis biar hayalak ramai bisa ngerti

  3. Ridwan IF99 berkata:

    Hahaha…banyak yang ga suka ama hostel 2. Katanya jelek ^^
    Gw sih belum nonton

  4. elzafir berkata:

    jangan wan. JANGAN NONTON!

  5. elzafir berkata:

    nyesel gw ud nonton film ini hehehehe
    eh gak deng…nyeselnya udah bayar.. nontonnya sih gak nyesel2 amat…ada adegan2 “lucu”nya soalnya

  6. gondes berkata:

    kemlete bahasane inggris………
    emange inyonge paham po…………

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